Is your loss prevention strategy enough?

Read the Sensormatic Global Shrink Index to learn how retailers are dealing with shifting shrinkage trends.

The global shrinkage rate is running higher than previously reported, at 1.82% of annual retail sales. Now, it’s more critical than ever to have actionable insights and data around loss prevention. In the Sensormatic Global Shrink Index Report, gain a clearer understanding of today’s shrink landscape across regions and verticals—and where your business fits into it—so you can strengthen loss prevention strategies.

Read the report today to uncover intelligence on:

  • Where regional shrinkage rates are highest around the world
  • What the primary drivers of shrinkage are in leading markets
  • Where retailers are investing to shore up loss prevention
  • How retailers are using data mining tools to reduce shrink

A snapshot of global shrink, by the numbers

USD is the price of annual global retail sales losses due to shrinkage

of shrink is attributed to shoplifting and organized retail crime

is lost to shrink in the USA

the highest average shrinkage as a proportion of sales—is in fashion and accessories

is the proportion of total sales allocated for loss prevention

of surveyed retailers are making Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) a key area of investment

Help prevent escalating losses, while identifying new ways to improve loss prevention ROI and support company growth. Measure your current practices and performance against the Shrink Index Report. Download it now.